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Steel Open top bin - 45 litre Steel Open top bin - 45 litre

Part Number: 167463

Technical Specification

Product Code:          167463

Height:                     76 cm

Diameter:                 36 cm

Weight:                    4.7 kg

Capacity:                 45 litres

  • Extra large - ideal for big families or large amounts of waste.
  • Extra large opening to avoid spills. no opening of a lid-no touch
  • Easy to empty the bin-removable lid unit.
  • Easy to clean- strong ,removable plastic inner bucket (capacity 45 litres)
  • Bin easy to move-,even when full-sturdy, integrated carrying handle.
  • Less chance of damage to the floor-protective rim.
  • Corrosion resistant and 10 year guarantee –robust body and lid, high quality materials.
  • Brilliant stainless steel-fingerprint proof
  • Different color collection.
  • Dimensions:
Production specifications:
  • Extra large opening.
  • Strong, removable plastic inner bucket.
  •  Durable corrosion resistant materials.
  • Plastic protection rim.
  • Large opening-easy disposal without spilling.
  • Sturdy ,integrated carrying handle.
  • 10 year guarantee- solid construction.
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